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Zia Construction is a local family owned and operated company specializing in Decks, Gates, Hardscape Everything, Outdoor Kitchens, Porches, Patios, Custom Outdoor Living Spaces, ADU's, Detached Garages, Home & Kitchen Remodels & New Home Construction. With 20+ years experience, Zia Construction is focused on outstanding customer service and quality work.


Zia Construction pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients, and it shows in our work. Call us today for your indoor and outdoor living space transformations!


My husband and I did a fair amount of research in order to find a local contractor that could replace our aging, second story deck. There were some challenges with the project including the old deck partially covering our septic system and requiring a design that would suit our needs. This included a dry deck since it covered the first floor patio, composite decking for low maintenance and the sheer size (500-600 sq ft). I found Adam and Laura's company, Zia Construction during the search and from the get-go, their communication was timely and detailed. This was one reason why we chose them as our deck contractor as we had a million questions. Besides purchasing a home, the deck replacement was the largest home-related purchased for us at the time and we understood that given the scope of the project, it would be costly from the size and choice of materials, alone. We did end up over budget due to some unforeseen costs for additional needed materials but I think the end product was worth it. Zia offered a comprehensive quote that was competitive with other vendors but also took the task of communicating with the City of Kent Building and Planning office for us which helped put our minds at ease. The less we had to worry about the better given that we are typically hands-on, hovering types. The project took several months to complete: the permit process took a little longer than expected due to volume, our contractor was out of town for a bit and some of our materials were on back order. Despite this, the work itself seem to go quickly with the team getting the inspections passed just as quickly. Given the stringent city requirements, this is a testament to how well-received Zia's work was by the city reps. Throughout this process, Adam maintained excellent communication with us, including weekends and we looked forward to each day's progress. My mother who lives with us was impressed with how polite and professional his team was as well. The end project is an impressive 550+ sq ft 2nd story dry deck made from quality composite decking and railing that we can't wait to enjoy and entertain on with our family and friends.We would readily recommend Zia Construction to anyone looking for a contractor for their upcoming projects. They are professional, competitively priced and very nice making them a joy to work with.Read More

Final project turned out beautiful! We had a few ideals on what we wanted for the new deck. Adam was able to answer all our questions and make recommendations based of what we needed. I would highly recommend Zia Construction because of the quality of work, aesthetic design and professionalism.Read More

We had a really bad experience with a previous contractor. Adam was very patient with us because we had a lot of questions, interviewed past clients and other due diligence. Our deck project was almost 1200 square feet. There was a lot of detail in some corners, beautiful fanned out stairs and custom bench. The deck also was not connected to the house which added additional research and stabilization. There was also additional reinforcement for our hot tub. Adam took care of the permitting process for a reasonable price. He and his crew seemed like great people. We have young kids. Adam and his crew were respectful of our property and kept the construction site clean. We highly recommend Zia Construction.Read More

We had a really great experience with Zia building our deck. They started the construction right away after we had the green light to start building and they worked weekends and evenings to get it built on schedule. They took great care in making sure our deck was what we wanted. My husband is very OCD so he checked all the details and it exceeded his standards. I also appreciated how accommodating they were with our requests. One of them was to have an opportunity to put our initials on the cement at the bottom of the steps which they did as soon as they laid down the cement.Read More

I was referred to Zia from a friend from work. I was looking to have a covered patio built so we could relax outside in the winter months. They were on time and within budget. I appreciated the responsiveness of my messages. I would hire them again.Read More

Adam and his team earn the 5 stars as they check all of my boxes. Quality work. Stay on task. Non smokers. Good Value. A pleasure to work with. Flexible and suggested changes with reasonable cost. We had them demo and rebuild a 800 sq. ft. deck and also a roof overhang that was damaged by a falling tree. The project was started in January and they even worked when it was raining and snowing. Very dedicated people who care about what you want.Read More

I would definitely recommend Zia Construction. From design to demo to constructuon, Adam and his team did a great job. They were professional and friendly, worked hard to complete the project on time and cleaned everything up upon completion. The new deck is beautiful. We're thrilled with the final lroduct.Read More

Adam and Kevin did nice work. Rating my picky-ness on a scale of 1-10, I'm an 11. That's why what I appreciated most was Adam was very polite, patient and flexible whenever I had questions, suggestions and lots of looking over their shoulders!! I would recommend Zia Construction and would use them again if the need arises.Read More

I am extremely happy with the deck that Zia Construction built for my home. I hired Zia Construction to reconstruct my deck and add a roof. The final product was even better than I hoped for. What impressed me the most was the craftsmanship. They used multicolored boards to give the deck a really cool look. Especially the stairs. They even included lighting on the stairs which was a really nice touch. Additionally, they plugged all the screw holes giving the deck a clean and smooth look. The roof and the railing all turned out really nice as well. They even thought to redo the locations of the support beam/legs underneath the deck giving the lower section much more space. I'm always really excited to show off my new deck (even a year later) when I have visitors. It is now the crowning jewel of my home. Another positive about choosing Zia Construction is the friendliness of Adam and his family/crew. If you've ever had any remodels done on your home, you know that you will be sharing your home with the construction crew for quite some time so it is important that you get along with the crew. I am happy to say it was a pleasure to have everyone at Zia at our home. They are all very friendly and it was fun to get to know all of them. I strongly encourage you to choose Zia Construction for your next home project or remodel. You will be extremely happy with both the final product and your time with the Zia team.Read More

Having dealt with many contractors when I built my house, I found Adam and the Zia Construction crew to be by far the most reliable and professional I’ve worked with. The quality of work done was outstanding. He provided a detailed 3d model of my deck making it easier for us to visualize the plan. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Zia for any future projects.Read More

When we were ready to get our outdoor living space done, we interviewed with several different companies. We were certain we wanted to get a composite deck put in and after further research, we decided to go with a Wolf decking for the materials. The quotes we received were very different and Zia’s was in the mid-range. We chose to go with them because they are a locally owned small business and Adam the owner was super knowledgeable and helpful with finalizing our vision. Adam provided drawings for us and helped us with changes before we selected a final design. Adam had experience working with the county for a permit, which turned out to be a lengthy and complicated process. However, Adam provided all drawings and monitored the progress to ensure the permit went through. Once the permit cleared Adam's crew got to work and our deck turned out beautiful, and we are extremely happy with the finished product The end project is an impressive 500 sq. ft. two level deck made from quality composite decking and railing that we can't wait to enjoy and entertain our family and friends. We would recommend Zia Construction to anyone looking for a contractor for their upcoming projects. They are professional, competitively priced, and a joy to work with.Read More

I spoke with two other companies also as we were figuring out plans for our yard. We knew we needed more patio to support a hot tub and also increase the useable space. We originally intended to look at two phases and complete a large concrete or paver expansion first with plans to cover a portion at a later date. After my first conversation with Adam, I knew Zia would be a great company to work with. He seemed genuinely excited right off the bat to help us figure things out and recommend options. Over the next couple of months, we went through several large shifts in plans for different reasons. But Adam stayed just as positive and we landed on doing the roof and pavers at the same time. The crew was great, taking in stride the daily climbs up to our backyard with materials and small work space in our yard relative to the size of the project. Our little yard ended up with a great ~800 sq. ft. paver patio extension. Almost 400 sq. ft. of that was covered with a really nice roof with a beautiful wood structure covered by a clear roof to let in light. The roof is also raised quite a bit, which we love. More rain can get in on the sides in a strong wind, but it feels so open and is a great place to gather with family and friends. We have been very happy with our experience. I will definitely have Zia at the top of our list for future work and am happy to share a strong recommendation with friends and neighbors looking for deck or other project work.Read More

I knew Adam and his team were the right people for the job at our initial meeting. What impressed me most is that Adam had ideas that expanded on my initial thoughts for transforming our back yard. I found other landscapers were not very creative and willing to work with my ideas. The quality of the work is phenomenal, the team was quite meticulous ensuring the space flowed. We did a mix of concrete pavers and composite decking and they worked with me to get a high end look while minimizing costs as much as possible. Adam and his team were accommodating and happy to make changes and modifications as needed. The whole team was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.Read More

When we were ready to get our outdoor living space done, we interviewed three different companies. We were certain we wanted to get a composite deck put in and after further research, we decided to go with Azek for the materials. The three quotes we received were very different and Zia’s was mid-range-priced per the SqFt of decking. We chose to go with them because they are a locally owned small business and also the owners were super knowledgeable and helpful with finalizing our vision. They had a lot of suggestions which is what we needed. Adam and his crew were so easy to work with. They really worked hard to get everything done and were finished ahead of schedule, before we even got all of our furniture delivered. Adam and Laura were very professional, responsive and easy to communicate with - something, we’ve learned, is not always a given in the their industry. We are so excited to enjoy our gorgeous new deck and so happy with how it turned out!Read More

Recently we contracted Zia Construction to do some backyard upgrades for us. We had a simple, builder-grade patio that was too small to use for much other than hosting small groups, and every summer we have put up a canopy in the back yard to shield us from the sun during the day, since we spend a lot of time outside. We knew we wanted to upgrade our back yard area, but while we had lots of ideas, we needed guidance, help, and suggestions, and Adam and Laura were able to help us figure out what we wanted and how we wanted it built. They helped us pick materials, designs, colors, and arrangements, and provided us with some suggestions and ideas that really did a great job of turning our initial idea into something much nicer than it would have been otherwise. We ended up having a whole new patio built, plus a wood pergola-style awning with semitransparent roofing over the top, shielding the patio from the rain and sun while still letting light through to keep the back from being so dark. We also had them build an enclosure for our grille, and a retaining wall across the back portion of the yard where we previously had a weed-infested slope of mulch. Throughout the whole process, Adam and his crew were professional, courteous, friendly, and helpful, and we have ended up with a renovation that looks better than I could have hoped for. I highly recommend Zia Construction for your home renovation projects. They do great work, are very friendly, and I plan to use them for more such projects in the future.Read More

Zia was great to work with. They were professional, knowledgeable, creative the list goes on. Looking forward to working with them in the future.Read More

Zia installed a composite deck for us that ran the length of our house. Adam provided rendered drawings for us with different designs before we selected a final design. Adam had to experience working with the city of Bonney Lake for a permit, which turned out to be a lengthy and complicated process. However, Adam was consistently checking in with the city to monitor progress to insure the permit went through. Once the permit cleared Adam's crew got to work. Our deck turned out beautiful, and we are extremely happy with the finished product.Read More

I couldn't be happier with how the deck turned out. It exceeded my expectation on the quality of the work that Adam and his crew put into building it. It reminds me of something you would see built on a TV show like “This Old House”. I was contemplating on building the deck myself but am glad I decided against it and had it professionally built. I could never have built it to look as good with the skill and quality put into it.Read More

Adam and his team are very easy to work with and delivered on the project with great quality. Our project was a complete rebuild and design of our 1100 square foot deck. Adam was consistently responsive and helpful with any questions we had. We love our new deck and would recommend Zia Construction. Thank you again, Adam!Read More

We highly recommend Zia Construction. They are detail oriented and very skilled craftsmen. They have great vision for space and design. Their team is professional and enjoyable to have in and outside of your home. Adam and his crew completed a full deck demo and remodel for our family. They added a dry decking system on the top so we could enjoy the lower section all year long. They were not only trustworthy builders, but also trustworthy around our four children. We highly recommend Zia Construction!Read More

Zia construction completed a kitchen renovation, refinished wood floors, updated the trim around doors and the floors. They also built a deck in the backyard. The project was on-budget and completed in a timely fashion with high quality results. Adam and his team are so very capable. I just have to call out his excellent communication. The project was planned well ad he checked in with us at important decision points to ensure we were all on the same page. When some things went sideways - out of Zia's control - we were briefed and given options to resolve the issues. For example, the cabinet company sent some of the wrong materials and mismatched parts - Adam and his wife conducted an inventory and made sure the company rectified their mistakes promptly. The Zia team is great, friendly helpful. They even helped my 90-year old mom with some things that weren't on the list. Most important - the results are GREAT. Our oak floors are beautifully refreshed. The kitchen design gave us more space and functionality and looks fantastic.Read More

Adam and his crew built us a beautiful new deck. They were friendly, professional, and responsive. We thoroughly enjoy our new deck and get lots of compliments on it. We would hire Adam again.Read More

Zia construction Build my deck and fence In the way want it! very perfectionist to the small details, they took extra mile to make sure I’m comfortable with process, love family own companies!! Great personality and great work! Highly recommended!!!Read More

We hired Zia to rebuild our deck and add an over hang roof. Adam and his team were very easy to work with, friendly and communicative through the entire project. We began with an old, ugly deck and ended with a beautiful new deck and roof, much more than we could have imagined. I highly recommend using Zia for your outdoor projects and would hire them again for another project.Read More

Zia construction just completed a 500+ square deck project for us. The project consisted of building a composite deck on top of an existing patio (with some demolition), composite railings with Ipe wood cocktail railing on top, 2 x 8' wide stairwells to the yard (25" tall) and pavers at the bottom of the stairs. I was doing a lot of research during the planning process and trying to keep the cost within budget. Adam was very helpful and patient with that. Adam provided me with all the details to understand the material costs and where it would make sense to save and where not to. We are very happy with the results and everyone who sees our deck compliments us! It felt like Adam and his team really cared that the deck will look great and that we will be happy with the results. I found Adam to be very responsive and fair with pricing change requests during the project. If you are planning your deck project, I would strongly recommend reaching out to them to get a quote.Read More

Zia Construction has our highest recommendation! Adam and Fred came out to our place in North Bend last year to build a new deck for us. Their craftsmanship was excellent, plus they are great people to work with! We liked their work so much that after finishing the deck we had them back a second time for another project, which was to refurbish our existing deck to match the railing style of the deck they had just finished. Great work, and well worth the cost (which was very reasonable)! Will have them back again for our next project.Read More

Performed work as expected. Was pleasant, timely and professional. I would give a high recommendation. Price was fair, in line with other estimates.Read More

We had a great experience with Zia Construction. I would highly recommend Zia Construction for the deck installation. Adam came to my house for the deck measurement and discussed what we wanted. He then gave me his recommendation right away and he took care of all the work what we wanted. Adam and his crews performed all the task in an outstanding manner and they were very professional. His deck price was a very reasonable price. Thanks for all your outstanding work.Read More


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